A clandestine group of ancient Alchemists who travel this world and others in search of eternal life, creating magic from the miscellanea that surrounds us.
They specialise in the never-ending exploration in transforming the mundane into magic, offering a selection of bathing elixirs, body embalmers and enchanting curio in a range of evocative fragrances and beautiful designs.

The rainbow that bridges all that is earthly and short lived, to all that is magical and ethereal. The bonding of physical matter with spirit and soul, combined with the desire for a perfect life, an everlasting life only achieved through knowledge, self love, exploration, inner sanctuary and a little bit of magic.


An ancient, mystical symbol used in alchemy and historic symbology, depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The cycle of life, death and re-incarnation. Life never ending. To feel rejuvenated. To be infinite. To feel whole. To be transformed. To heal. To be immortal.


Wander the historic Shamble streets in York and discover the grand Alchemist’s lair.
Long kept secrets are hidden within this mysterious sanctuary and buried in his tomb the grand Alchemist is guarded by the great dragon Ouroboros.
Be careful not to wake him, as he will protect his master fiercely and for all eternity. Find him surrounded with crystals from the earth and treasures long crafted by the Alchemists in their search for power and longevity.