Crystal Water Bottle


Truth • Awareness • Protection • Purification • Transformation

Obsidian is the stone of protection and personal transformation. It harnesses the power of confidence and strength, helping you to reach your fullest potential.Obsidian is formed from quickly cooled lava, and is technically a glass. Obsidian is a strong psychic cleanser and protection stone. Its powerful grounding capabilities quickly block all forms of negativity, shielding against psychic attacks, mental stress, and tension. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and past traumas by releasing disharmony, including resentment of others, fear, and anger. This helps strengthen one’s confidence and self-discovery by breaking through growth barriers to open new horizons.

Harness the supercharged power of the crystal held within this water bottles, each comes with a cosy fabric holder. Volume: 500ml e / 18oz. High quality borosilicate glass. Food grade standard materials with stainless steel and BPA and BPS free plastic. Removable natural crystal. Intended for clean, filtered water. Glass is dishwasher safe. Hand wash crystal, cap and base.



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