Muslin Face Cloths


A sweet face often hides a sinner’s heart, use our muslin cloths for everyday gentle exfoliation, pout perfecting chapped lips, facial steaming, cold compress and much more!


There are so many reasons to cleanse your face using the humble muslin facial cloth, here are just a us.....your face will thank you for it!

1 / Great for sensitive skin.

2 / Increases collagen production.

3 / Gently exfoliates.

4 / Multi-purpose uses - use as a hot or cold compress to open pores before you exfoliate, peel or use a mask.

5 / Reduces Inflammation.

6 / They dry quickly.

7 / Provides Deep Cleaning Effect.

8 / They can be used with any cleansing product.


3 Pack

Pack of 3 x 100% natural, unbleached, breathable muslin facial cloths.

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