Metal Wall Sign


October 23rd / November 21st

Symbol / The Scorpion

Element / Water

Ruling planet / Mars

Birthstone / Onyx

Flower / Geranium

Colour / Black


Primary emotion is betrayal

Looks cool in a leather jacket

OK with uncomfortable silence

Can’t be sure if they’re serious or joking

Eyes that look into your soul

As documented in The Alchemist’s ancient scrolls & teachings.


Discover your star sign and uncover the traits of your zodiac. Celebrate the symbolism of your sign with this Scorpio metal wall sign in a beautiful black and metallic gold design. Each zodiac sign shows the signs character traits, gemstone, elements symbol, flower & colour, as documented in The Alchemist's ancient scrolls & teachings. Made in the UK with Welsh steel and featuring four corner holes for hanging.


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